Cotton waste

We are among the largest exporters of refined cotton waste and yarn waste.We source cotton waste from select spinning mills and process it at our state-of-the-art workshops to produce contamination free waste that has varied applications across key industries. We are recognized for delivering best services, consistently meeting client demands and instilling trust. To obtain high-quality refined cotton waste, we handpick spinning mills that stand up to our stringent and specific criteria like production technology, capacity, quality and process control, quality compliance of finished products and ability to sustain and maintain timely performance. In addition, we ensure that international norms on child labour, environment and society are adhered to. Our Supply Chain is primarily concentrated in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu, where most of the ginning and spinning industries are located. These mills have varied systems in place where older mills use conveyor belts and new units have installed automated processes to collect and bale-press waste. Our preference of automated units ensures minimal human intervention across stages and cleaner and less contaminated cotton waste. We further process cotton waste at our dedicated units to further reduce the impact of foreign contaminants like yarn, polyester etc and be quality compliant with stringent paper mills and surgical cotton standards. Other applications of cotton waste include paper making, surgical, O/E spinning, automobile industry, tissue paper, bedding, manuring for mushrooms, and more.